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River Park (SWC Mineral Ave & S Santa Fe Dr)

Case NumberAPD18-0004
Last Update2020-04-23 00:00:00.000
DescriptionAmendment request to the Santa Fe Park GPDP for creation of River Park GPDP, a TOD oriented mixed -use development of the northern 33.34 acres of existing undeveloped Santa Fe Park.
(11/7/2018 12:48 PM LJ)
Project statusUNDER REVIEW (Under review by staff and outside agencies)
Applicant's ContactJeff Wikstrom / Evergreen Devco / 3037570463 /
City Staff ContactMike Sutherland
DocumentsLetter of Authorization - 2018-11-07.pdf
SMFR Letter

South Suburban Referral Response
APDP - 2nd Submittal - 2020-04-20.pdf
Design Guidelines - 2020-04-20.pdf
APD18-0004 First Review Letter.pdf
Third Review Letter 072619.pdf
Drainage Report - Phase II - 2019-08-06.pdf
Wetland Report - 2019-08-06.pdf
Application - 2018-11-07.pdf
Comparative Land Use & Chart - 2018-11-07.pdf
Legal Descriptions & Closure Report - 2018-11-07.pdf
Letter of Intent - 2018-11-07.pdf
Mineral Estate Notice - 2018-11-07.pdf
Neighborhood Meeting Summary - 2018-11-07.pdf
Traffic Impact Study - 2019-06-28.pdf
Staff Review - PD 2nd Submittal - 2019-06-18.pdf